Things To Do At Age 100

One of our church members, Mrs. Elma Bradford, celebrated her 100th birthday today with a large gathering of family and friends from church.

Mrs. Bradford is a resident of the Nursing Home in Hanceville, AL. Her mind is as sharp as a tack.

Leon Mauldin, Elma Bradford, Linda Mauldin. Photo by Nancy Picogna.

Before we ate, I made a brief tribute to this sweet lady. In summary, I said:

Tribute to whom tribute, honor to whom honor. We are here to honor Mrs. Bradford on her 100th birthday. Here are some things you can do when you are 100.

1. Set a good example. Mrs. Bradford has done and continues to do that.

2. Maintain a sense of humor. Once while visiting her at the nursing home, I began a sentence, ‘Well . . .’ She immediately said, ‘Where ya gonna dig it?’ That’s rather typical for her.

3. Read your Bible. On many occasions when I have gone to her room, and she could have no idea I would be coming, I would find her reading her Bible. She loves the Lord. She loves the Lord’s people. Her hope is set on heaven.

So in case you’re wondering, these are some things you can do at age 100.

BTW, none of the above happen accidentally; people who do these things choose to do so.

One Response to Things To Do At Age 100

  1. A very beautiful lady, There are 3 ladies at North Side in Brilliant that are in their 90’s a great inspiration to me.Thanks for sharing


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