About Leon Mauldin

Leon Mauldin has been preaching full-time since 1972 and is currently in Hanceville AL (since 1989).  One special area of interest is taking trips to the Bible lands for research and photography for biblical teaching and publication. Leon’s Message Board has an emphasis on biblical History and Geography. The setting of the biblical world gives one a context for the events of scripture.


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  1. Becky Folsom says:

    subscribe, please


  2. Emily says:

    Hey Leon i like the new pix u put up c u soon!! (:


  3. Sara Murphy says:

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    • Felix Moses says:

      just stumbled upon your blog. Was in Israel in November 13.
      Would you be kind enough to give me the gist of your lessons “Becoming More Like Jesus.”


  4. Jeff Asher says:

    Please sign me up.


  5. Richard Hendrix says:

    Sign me Leon, I can’t believe you have been there for 21 yrs. Sometimes Hohenwald doesn’t seem that long ago. I have fond memories of your kindness to me ,the meals and study sessions


  6. Leon Mauldin says:

    Thanks for writing, Richard. We enjoyed those times also!


    • IvanVoser says:

      Dear Leon Mauldin

      I am writing an article about Herod the Great for a Christian magazine in German which is called “das Feste Fundament” (“Firm Foundation”).
      If you could give me permission for the aerial view picture of the Herodium, I would appreciate it. Also, I would be grateful if you could send me the picture in high resolution. If it is possible, reply to me in the next few days because I am under time pressure to get this picture or else it is too late for this article.

      Best wishes,

      Ivan Voser
      Thun, Switzerland


  7. JP says:

    I’ve following your blog for several weeks and it’s great


  8. Amy Davis-Poynter says:

    Dear Mr Mauldin,

    I work for an academic publisher in the UK, and I found this image on the internet (https://bleon1.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/areopagus-steps_dsc00061.jpg). We are very interested in using it on the cover of one of our forthcoming books.

    I was wonering if you would be willing to grant us permission to use the image, and if you would be able to provide us with a high resolution copy?

    I woud greatly appreciate your help in this matter.

    Kind regards,

    Amy Davis-Poynter


  9. Arne Berge says:

    Hello Leon. Interesting blog! I think we have much of the same interests. Kind regards, Arne Berge


  10. Leon Mauldin says:

    Hello Arne,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I’ve been to Norway twice, in ’98 and ’07.
    Thanks again for reading my blog.
    –Leon Mauldin


    • Arne Berge says:

      Nice to hear you have been in Norway. I live in the southwestern part of the country, near Stavanger. And here is my blog adress: http://arneberge.wordpress.com. It’s written in norwegian nynorsk. Unfortunatly Google Translater has problem with this form of our norwegian language. Arne


  11. Dear Rev. Mauldin. My name is Nils Arne Pedersen; I am a Danish Professor in Church History. I am in the process of publishing an illustrated text-book for university students about Christianity in its ancient context. I have seen your very fine photo of Artemis from Ephesus and I would like to ask you whether I must use it as an illustration in the book? The book will of course indicate you as the photographer. Yours sincerely Nils Arne Pedersen


  12. Patric says:

    Dear Mr. L. Maudlin
    We are writing a book that ties the Scriptures with history.
    Royalties from the book, if any, are given to registered Christian charities in USA / Canada.
    May we use some of the images found on your site?


  13. Chandler says:

    Leon, I am doing a post on the reliability of the OT, and I am interested in using the picture of the Merneptah Stele you posted. Is that okay with you? I will give you recognition and link to your site.



  14. jeremiah says:

    Dear Leon Mauldin,
    Can I contact via email regarding the permission to use your image?


  15. Hi Leon, I enjoy viewing your Message Board. I am a minister in Australia and have a mission outreach program to Thailand. I prepare a church bulletin every week that contains photographic images to enhance the sermon material for that week. Can I use any of the photographic images in your archives for illustration purposes in our church bulletin or on our church website? Do you have a Creative Commons licence on your photographic images? Do I need to obtain your permission each time (week) that I use your images? All the appropriate aknowledgement would be attributed to you each time that an image is used. The images would not be used for commercial purposes. No profit will be made from the use of the images. Thank you for your consideration.

    Pastor Robert


  16. Michel says:

    I’m not much into preaching but I do like the geography of Biblical history.


  17. Joan Peace says:

    Hello Leon, I am producing photo books on Israel and came across a couple of your photos from Pt. of Precipice: Nazareth and Jezreel Valley. They are beautiful! Are these copyrighted? Would you allow me to use them for my books?

    Thank you for using your photography gifts. What a blessing!
    Joan Peace


  18. Diane Canup says:

    Hi, Where can I find information on tours to Israel? I’d like to go in July or August. Thanks,
    Diane Canup


  19. Dear Rev. Leon Mauldin,
    My name is Giovanni Uggeri. I am an Italian Professor in Archaeology.
    I am in the process of publishing an archaeological book in Italian about the travels of Paul in Anatolia.
    I have seen your very fine photo of the cast of Pilate inscription from Caesarea Maritima, Israel (10/03/2011, 431 KB: pilate-inscription_dsc095381.jpg) and I would like to ask you whether I must use it as an illustration in the book?
    The book will of course indicate you as the photographer.
    Thank you. Best wishes!

    Yours sincerely
    Giovanni Uggeri


  20. Rick George says:

    Dear Rev. Leon Mauldin,
    I’m a researcher for a TV production company in Los Angeles, CA. We’re doing a show that discusses Shiloh and the area where the Holy Tabernacle/Mishkan may have once stood. We’re also making mention of excavations that took place in 2013 uncovering a wall that dates back to 1300 BC as well as pottery…as well as holes that may have once held the posts/beams of the Tabernacle. Do you have any images of Shilo excavations and such that you’d be interested in licensing to us for our show? If so, please contact me at rick.george@prometheuspix.com Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day!


    Rick George – Researcher
    Prometheus Entertainment


  21. krista rainville says:

    Hi Leon.
    Could you email me your brochure for Italy 2014 please? It would be so wonderful to go.
    Krista from Sudbury, Ontario


  22. Dear Mr. Mauldin,
    I am working for a publishing house in Germany and we would like to reprint of your pictures in a new latin textbook for school.
    I would be happy if you could contact me via email.
    Susanne Gerth


  23. Dear Rev. Mauldin, Shalom,

    I have a book coming out in a few months that explores the relationships between the twelve tribes of Israel and their ancestral territories (nahalot).

    I’m including a 16-page insert of photos of sites that I suggest visiting in the tour itineraries that I’ve built into each chapter. Most of the photos I’ve taken personally, but I’m scouring the internet now for better shots. Your wonderful site includes so many gorgeous photos, and I’d like to gain permission to include some of those photos in my book (with credit to the source, obviously).

    Please let me know your policy on this issue.

    Thanks very much,
    Tamar Weissman
    Maale Adumim


  24. Laura Barker says:

    Dear Mr. Mauldin,
    We are working on our VBS for this year at the church of Christ in Galena, IN. We would like to see if we could get your permission to use some of your lovely photographs for our Bible Museum. Love your web site!
    Thank you very much,
    Laura Barker


  25. Paul Wegner says:

    Dear Pastor Mauldin,
    I would like to use your picture of Gibeon for a book I am writing on the History of Israel. Could you let me know if that would be possible.


  26. Shoayb Adam says:

    Dear Mr. Mauldin,
    Is it possible to use the image of ‘Behind the Golden Gate’? (https://bleon1.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/behind-golden-gate_dsc03111lmauldin3.jpg), it is for a book called ‘Palesine: The Beginners Guide’, which I am currently typesetting.
    Kind regards,


  27. Kathleen Brown says:

    I would like info on any trips you plan
    Kathleen Brown


  28. Michael Booker says:

    Hi Mr.Mauldin,

    This is Michael from Cracker Barrel. I enjoyed serving and talking to you. I look forward to reading your blog.

    Sincerelt, Michael Booker


  29. Hailey Willoughby says:

    Hello Mr. Maudlin,

    Is it possible for me to use your picture of the Herodian temple inscription for a presentation that will be posted (privately) for member of my church. It’s a presentation on the took of Galations.

    Thanks so Much,


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