On to Ceske Budejovice

The lectures at Kamenice were well attended and enjoyable in every way.  It is wonderful to see folks we’ve known for many years, and also to meet new brethren.  My wife and I were both tired last night (actually we still are today), but it’s a good kind of tired. As I mentioned on my previous post, families and individuals traveled in some cases great distances, plus there were folks from various places in the Czech Republic.  See group photo below: (Click on image for larger view).

I was speaking each morning, and Bill Bynum each evening.  We also conducted a 2 hr Q&A session each afternoon.  Photo below shows Bill (on right), and my wife Linda and me.

Leon & Linda Mauldin, and Bill Bynum. Kamenice Lectureship 2010.

As I surveyed the Old Testament, I began by giving the setting of the biblical world.  We talked about the amazing variety of the land of Israel.  At Joppa you are at sea level; at Jerusalem 35 miles inland you are 2500+ feet above sea level, and another 14 miles NE at Jericho you are 800 feet below sea level!

In the Bible Jericho is called the “city of palm trees” (Deut. 34:3).  In the photo below you can see why:

Jericho, biblical "city of palm trees." 800 feet below sea level. Photo ©Leon Mauldin.

In the distance you can see across the Jordan the hill country of Moab.  This was the home of Ruth, who was the great-grandmother of David (Ruth 4:18ff).

Here’s another shot of Jericho. In the foreground you see a portion of the ancient tel.  This was the first city taken by Joshua and the men of Israel after crossing the Jordan for the conquest of Canaan (see Joshua 6).  Because it was a kind of “first-fruits” of the land, the city was devoted to the Lord, instead of the spoils being divided up among the men of war.

OT Jericho. Ancient tel in foreground. Photo ©Leon Mauldin.

Today it has rained all day.  This morning, Mira, a friend and brother from Ceske Budejovice, arrived at Kamenice and drove my wife and me to Ceske Budejovice.  I am to preach here in the morning at worship services, and then spend some time visiting Mira and his good family on Mon.

This is my fourth trip to the Czech Republic.  I met Mira back in 1992 on that first trip.  It is a joy to see him again.  This city has an ancient history, dating back to the 12 century.  This is Linda’s first opportunity to travel here; I’ve wanted her for a long time to see a place which has been very special to me.

3 Responses to On to Ceske Budejovice

  1. Leon Mauldin says:

    Hi Keith,
    We had a wonderful worship service here in Ceske Budejovice this morning. I spoke on the topic of “Becoming More Like Jesus.” Greet the folks at Hanceville for me.


  2. beulah Tooley says:

    Enjoyed your post very much. A fine looking group you were with. I pray you will be safe in your travels.


  3. Leon Mauldin says:

    Hi Beulah,
    The group photo was taken immediately after my Fri AM lecture. Some of the folks had earlier needed to leave to get back to their homes, etc., so not everyone was in the photo, but most were.
    Thanks for following our travels.


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