Lectures at Kamenice

This evening completes day two of the lectures at Kamenice.  Sessions are scheduled from 9 AM to 9 PM, so we’ve not had much time for posting.  We are sure enjoying the association of Christians who have gathered here for the week, many of whom have traveled hundreds of miles to be here.  I am thankful to God for such opportunities.

I have been asked to do a historical survey of the Old Testament.  I’m making use of hundreds of photos of Bible places as the events of scripture are narrated.

Lectures Kamenice Czech

My slides which include text are in both English and Czech.  As I speak a Czech translates for me.

This series gives us an opportunity to study the theme of the Bible, the unfolding of God’s plan to save mankind through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.  The first promise of Christ is found in Genesis 3:15, depicted below:

Lectureship at Kamenice

Kamenice is a very nice Czech village.  Perhaps I can share a few photos with you in the next day or two.

It is great to be associated with my friend and fellow preacher Bill Bynum.  He makes two trips per year to encourage European Christians in remote places.  Previously he has lived and worked as evangelist both in Czech as well as Hungary.

Click on photos for larger view. More later.

2 Responses to Lectures at Kamenice

  1. beulah Tooley says:

    Thanks for sharing. What an encouragement to find thoes who are eager to study God’s word.


    • Leon Mauldin says:

      Thanks Beulah for your post. You and Bruce are an encouragement to me. I’m glad to have this opportunity to teach those who as you said are so eager to learn.


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