New Resource: Captivity and Return

Discovering God’s Way is a Bible class curriculum for ages nursery through adult, edited by Robert Harkrider, and published by Religious Supply Center of Louisville, KY. I have written two books for the teen/adult level, Divided Kingdom, and Captivity and Return, the latter of which has just now been printed. Here is the cover:

Cover, Captivity and Return, authored by Leon Mauldin.

The book is 118 pages, and has 13 lessons. It is illustrated with maps, as well as color photos of biblical places and artifacts relating to the places and periods studied. Here is the table of contents:

Table of Contents for Captivity and Return, by Leon Mauldin.

The captivity and return can be a challenging period of biblical history. It is hoped that this book will help contribute to a better understanding of these times, as well as provide some background for New Testament studies.

Toll free number for orders is 1-800-626-5348. It is $6.65 through 9/30/2012, and then $6.95. Price does not include shipping.

One Response to New Resource: Captivity and Return

  1. Jim Johnson says:

    This looks llike it is a very good work book. I know a lot of work went into it. I may have to order one just to make sure I am up on my facts. I do enjoy the posts that you put our, Thank YOU so much for them.


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