Arch of Titus

March 3, 2012

The Arch dedicated to Titus is in the Forum at Rome, located at the highest point of the Via Sacra. It was on this street that most of the religious processions took place.

Arch of Titus, located in Forum of Ancient Rome. Photo by Nancy Picogna.

The arch was built to commemorate the Roman defeat of Judea, including the destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple. Inside the arch, one side depicts the Roman soldiers removing the menorah, table of showbread and silver trumpets from the temple as it was destroyed in AD 70. Vespasian was Emperor and Titus was the commander of the Roman army at that time.  Titus was Emperor AD 79-81. After Titus’ death, the arch was constructed ca.AD 81 by Titus’ brother, the new Emperor Domitian.

Emperor Titus, AD 79-81. Photo by Leon Mauldin.

This head of Titus (exhibit #348, Athens Museum), is made of Pentelic marble and was “probably found at Smyrna, Asia Minor. It is an earlier portrait head (possibly of the emperor Caligula) with parts reworked to render the features of Titus.”

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