Megiddo Stables

Another interesting discovery at Megiddo is the area which many believe were used for horse stables. The area seen in this photo is sometimes called “Solomon’s stables,” though many believe this should be dated a bit later to the time of King Ahab.

Stables at Megiddo. Photo by Leon Mauldin.

You can see the metal outline of a horse in our photo. Some suggest this site may have been used for barracks, market places, storage facilities, or other usages.

Click on photo for higher resolution.

3 Responses to Megiddo Stables

  1. Barbara says:

    I just finished going through the sections on Megiddo. I particularly like the parts about the water system and the stables. Looking at the Canaanite altar, though, is very sad, knowing that human sacrifices were probably made here to false gods. Thanks for the posts.


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