Thutmose III City Lists

Thutmose III (ca. 1504-1450 BC) was a Pharaoh of the 18 dynasty. He was a powerful ruler who received tribute from as far away as Mesopotamia.

Thutmose III, seated by city list in Karnak. Photo by Leon Mauldin.

At Karnak in Egypt, Thutmose III left his listing of cities that he conquered in the Levant. Egyptian hieroglyphics list 119 place names in Canaan, Transjordan, Lebanon and Syria. Princes are depicted with hands tied behind their backs.  The rulers shown were trapped in Megiddo; when Thutmose III took the city after a seven month siege, he said it was the “capture of a thousand cities.”

Thutmose III City List. Canaanite princes were captured. Photo by Leon Mauldin.

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2 Responses to Thutmose III City Lists

  1. Ann Killebrew says:

    Dear Leon,
    I am writing an article on captured Asiatics/Canaanites. I would like to include a photo of Thutmose III’s city list. The photo that appears on your Jan. 11th 2011 blog is excellent. Would it be possible to use this image, if you have a higher resolution version? Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your response.
    Ann Killebrew
    Associate Professor
    Pennsylvania State University


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