Esther and the Providence of God

September 12, 2017

In our local congregation (Hanceville AL) we are soon to begin a study of Esther in our Sun AM class. I’m looking forward to this study, which displays the providence of God to continue, against all odds, to fulfill His plan through the Jewish people. The promise made to Abraham to bring salvation through the promised Seed, would be accomplished, in spite of the efforts of wicked Haman to destroy all the Jews of the Persian Empire.

Ladies at Şanlıurfa, or Urfa, Southeastern Turkey. Known in ancient times as Edessa. Photo ©Leon Mauldin.

The festive apparel of these ladies at Şanlıurfa perhaps help us visualize the dress of that ancient culture described in Esther.

Şanlıurfa, often simply known as Urfa or in Arabic, Al-Ruha, in ancient times was Edessa, located in south-eastern Turkey; it is the capital of Şanlıurfa Province. The city is populated with primarily Arabs, Kurds and Turks. Urfa is situated on a plain about 50 miles east of the Euphrates River.

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Traveling in Eastern Turkey

May 23, 2014

Yesterday upon our arrival in Gaziantep Ferrell Jenkins & I rented our car and from there went to Zeugma where we saw the Euphrates and the excavations of the temple of Dionysus. From there we drove to the ancient city of Haran, home (for a while) to Abraham; home to Jacob for twenty years. We overnighted in Sanliurfa, a strategically important city in upper Mesopotamia known as Edessa in Grecian and Roman times. This morning at Sanliurfa I photographed a man carrying a sheep.

At Sanliurfa, Turkey. Photo by Leon Mauldin.

At Sanliurfa, Turkey. Photo by Leon Mauldin.

At Gobekli Tepe we saw the oldest known temple remains to be discovered thus far. From there we went on to Birecik for another view of the Euphrates as we made our way on to Carchemish.

High school boys at Belcik, Turkey, on bridge crossing Euphrates. Photo by Leon Mauldin.

High school boys at Birecik, Turkey, on bridge crossing Euphrates. Photo by Leon Mauldin.

We were able to see Carchemish from several vantage points and took lots of photos. We could see over into Syria. Tonight we are in Gaziantep.

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