“Conviction Versus Mercy” by Gardner Hall

May 27, 2013

I’d  like to make our readers aware of a new resource by my friend Gardner Hall, a new book entitled Conviction Versus Mercy.

Gardner writes:

Conviction or Mercy? Which characteristic should most exemplify those who want to follow Christ? Many Christians tend to emphasize one or the other but not both. This book (144 pages) emphasizes the importance of merging the two to be truly like Christ. Though combining mercy and conviction has been a challenge throughout history, it is especially difficult now as our culture is increasingly affected by a Postmodern worldview and the backlash against it.


Three formats available
Paperback ($8.85) – Click here to order from Amazon.com. (Also, ask for this book in any bookstore you know that is operated by brethren. I’ve found that they respond more to requests from customers than to me!)
Kindle (99 cents) – Click here for kindle version
Audio (free) – Click here for free audio. Free audio available on same page for Foy Short biography.
I purchased mine on Kindle Fire, and am looking forward to reading it.


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