Florida College Lectures

February 8, 2012

My wife and I are enjoying the annual lectureship at Florida College, in Temple Terrace Florida.

A resource I would like to recommend is now in the making in Logos 4, that is The Florida College Annual Lectures (1974-2011).

At www.logos.com you can find the following info:

The Florida College Annual Lectures (1974–2011) brings you thirty-eight years of the college’s annual lectures series in complete written form. Prior to the first published lecture series in 1974, only content outlines were available.

Each volume includes fifteen or more lectures from contributors from various biblical fields, and focus on a specific theme. These themes deal with modern issues and are supported by recent scholarship. Learn what true worship entails. Discover how God can restore your life. Challenge yourself to share the gospel message. The Florida College Annual Lectures (1974–2011) (38 vols.) contains both informative and stimulating topics that allow you to apply the biblical principles found in its lectures to your daily walk with Christ.

With Logos, every word is essentially a link! Scripture references are linked directly to the Bibles in your library—both the original language texts and English translations. Logos Bible Software allows you to quickly move from the table of contents to your desired content and search entire volumes and collections by topic, title, or Scripture reference, making Logos the perfect software to expand your understanding of the Word.

You can read more by clicking here. The pre-order  price is a bargain: $74.95.

Today was the reunion of class of ’72. We invited Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Curry, and Mr. & Mrs. Ferrell Jenkins to attend. Most every one at the class reunion had been in classes  taught by Mr. Curry and Mr. Jenkins. They have been a great influence for good in our lives.

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Curry, and Mr. & Mrs. Ferrell Jenkins. Photo by Beulah Tifton.

Earlier this week we’ve had rain, but today was a beautiful day in Temple Terrace.

Leon Mauldin & Ferrell Jenkins. Photo by Beulah Tifton.

I’ve referenced Ferrell Jenkin’s blog many times in this site.

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