Traveling in Israel

October 19, 2013

Yesterday we visited Nazareth. Everyone enjoyed the Nazareth Village, which is a realistic recreation of life in the 1st century. Then on to Beth Shean, Jezreel, and then down the Jordan Valley to Jerusalem. We had planned to go through the hill country of Samaria, but found the gate had closed today at 2:00 PM (due to holiday). Also the Spring of Harod, where Gideon’s army was divinely trimmed down to 300 men to face 135,000 Midianites, was closed. We also had some rain, but still it was a good day. Then we made our way to Jerusalem.

Today we saw the Western Wall, which was very busy due to the Sabbath, then we went south. We visited Qumran, where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered. Then Masada, the Dead Sea at Engdei, then the Jordan River and finally Jericho before returning to Jerusalem.

Since last night I’ve been unable to upload photos. Hopefully I can resolve this soon!

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