New Resource: The Big Picture

Ferrell Jenkins reviews and recommends a new resource, The Big Picture: A Guide to Learning the Bible’s Story, by Marc Hinds. You may read that review here, including ordering instructions.

I received my copy in yesterday’s mail, and would like to also give my recommendation. This book will be a great resource for beginners as well as for those needing to see the unity and connectivity of the Scriptures.  Marc is a careful student, and capable preacher/teacher.

From Sept. through early Nov., in about an 8 week period, we conducted 6 meetings in several states and Canada. Then on Nov. 12 I had a total knee replacement, with subsequent complications that required more surgery. But things seem to be leveling off now. That has hindered my ability to post on this blog, but we hope to be more regular now. Thanks for your patience.

2 Responses to New Resource: The Big Picture

  1. Barbara Holloway says:

    I have heard about this book, and want to look at it soon. Good to see you posting again!


  2. Jim Johnson says:

    I was unaware of that, and I would like to say it was because of our own activities with the death of Donna’s mom. Really though that is NO EXCUSE. We will continue to pray for your speedy recovery, and your continued lessons here. They are uplifting, and in many cases material that I can show to some of the brethern here for either their class or personal use.
    I hope and pray for your continued recovery.


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