The Wicked Vinedressers

October 26, 2012

In Mark 12:1-11, in the final week of Jesus’ ministry, He told the Parable of the Wicked Vinedressers (Mark 12:1-11). The vineyard Owner sent a servant to His vineyard for fruit at the proper season. He did not receive fruit; instead, the vinedressers took the servant, beat him, and sent him away empty. Then He sent another servant, at whom they threw stones, wounded him in the head, and sent him away shamefully. Again, He sent another and him they killed. The same treatment happened to other servants sent to the vineyard.

The Owner had one Son. His Beloved Son. The Owner sent Him also. They killed Him and cast Him out of the vineyard!

What vineyard owner would do this? None! But what no one else would do is what God did! He sent His servants, the prophets, again and again to His people. They were treated shamefully; some were killed. Last of all He sent His Son! They killed the Son also, without knowing that His death was the means of our salvation from our sins.

Our photo shows a vineyard at Lachish, with a vinedresser pruning and trimming the vines. This gives the setting for the parable of the text.

Vinedresser working in vineyard at Lachish in Israel. Photo by Leon Mauldin.

This photo was originally a 35 mm slide taken in 1999.


We have had a wonderful 6-day meeting at Trilacoochee, Fl., near Dade City, presenting a series of 9 biblical lessons. My good friend Bob Waldron is the local evangelist who works with the congregation here.

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