Shechem, Tel Balata, East Gate

November 17, 2011

In September we had the opportunity to revisit Shechem, Tel Balata. The site had seen further excavation and cleanup since our last visit there (Dec. 2009).

Shechem is located on the West Bank, situated 2.5 km SE of city center of Nablus. The Park brochure states,

In the past urban development and lack of appropriate management threatened the archaeological site of Tell Balata and the main goal of the Tell Balata Archaeological Park project is to safeguard it. It is a potential World Heritage Site as a part of ‘Old Town Nablus and its environs’ and is listed ont he Inventory of Cultural and Natural Sites of Potential outstanding Universal Value in Palestine.

The project aims to make a sustainable heritage management plan for the site and to make it accessible to visitors.

We previously posted on Shechem here. Review this to see somewhat of the biblical significance of this site.

There is a helpful sign as you enter Shechem.

Shechem, Sign at Entrance. Photo by Leon Mauldin. Click for larger view.

Ferrell Jenkins and I wanted to see the old Canaanite gate at the east side of the site.

Shechem, Canaanite Gate on East Side of city. Photo by Leon Mauldin.

Dr. Rasmussen observes, “The gate, like the associated Cyclopean Wall, dates to the end of the Middle Bronze Age (ca. 1650-1550 BC) and continued in use during the Late Bronze Age.”


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